Armand Israël


Armand Israel is expert of Georges Braque, right-owner of the “Métamorphoses” period of Georges Braque and the curator of the museum dedicated to the artist. For many years, he transmits his passion for the Master through the organization of exhibitions, publishing books, and numerous conferences. Who could have predicted that this dentist born in 1936 in Relizane would experience such a fate ?

At the age of fifteen, his father finds him work with a dental technician. Soon, young Armand begins to like the work and his parents help him four years later so he could open his studio. But he quickly sent at the army in the health services. When he returned to civilian in 1961, he finished school he had taken by correspondence. He began his dentist studies he managed successfully. In 1965 he opened an office in Montfermeil, then at avenue Foch in Paris.

A passion for art, he is presented to Baron Heger Loewenfeld at a dinner at the gallery of Edith Bonnafos (Gallery Stadler). The two men share an insatiable taste for the work of Georges Braque and already know that their path will cross many times. In particular, it was under their guidance that will be created Georges Braque Museum in Saint Die des Vosges, and a number of prestigious exhibitions.

It must be said that Armand Israel is a true art lover. He opens in 1993 in Paris,  “Elysee Matignon Gallery” where he exhibited Cezanne, Brasilier, Oppenheim, Papart, Tobiasse and Braque …! Openings are very well expected. It crosses many personalities in culture, business and politics.

But Art for Armand Israel is not only about exhibitions. He creates with his brother Georges, a Publishing company, specializing in bibliophile books. The painter Raymond Moretti collaborates in the realization of art books like : Malraux, Jacques Brel, Illuminations of Rimbaud. The brothers also publish Dali, David and Bathsheba and unpublished texts by Françoise Sagan, Ben Gurion and Shimon Peres.

Armand Israel created in 1994 the publishing company “Editions des Catalogues Raisonnés”, where he transmits his knowledge of the art market, particularly in the famous “international experts and specialists Guide” published every two years for more than twenty-five years.

In publishing, Armand Israel is also a recognized author. He wrote “the hidden truths of the Dreyfus affair” (Albin Michel, 2000) and “Pablo Picasso: Records of the police headquarters in Paris, 1901-1940” (Acatos, 2003). Recently he wrote the only complete Georges Braque’s monography.

Besides his profession of dental surgeon, and his art and publishing activities, Armand Israel practiced horse riding. But not just as a hobby ! Owner, breeder and jockey, he wishes to live that passion like the others : in its many facets and to the bitter-end.