The Jewelry Of Braque

When considering art in three dimensions, sculpture is of course primary. However, there can be not doubt that for Heger de Loewenfeld, sculptor, lapidary and jeweler, the precious sculptures were the works that were closest to him. Even though he privileged these jewels, he never forgot his vocation during this period was first and foremost to sculpt.

De Loewenfeld quickly understood that the pieces he was producing for Braque had nothing in common with the objects sold at the Place Vendôme. Georges Braque’s precious sculptures were subjects in themselves, each possessed of its own soul. Like totems which represented living things (human face, fish, horse, bird), he invested the metal and the stone with its own sense of being. The contract between Georges Braque and Heger de Loewenfeld was quite specific in stating these metaphysical differences.

The jewels of Braque were often regarded as the most beautiful jewels of their time.

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