In Modern Art, Marie Cuttoli is well known for her collection of avant-garde art, starting in 1913 with works acquired from Braque and Picasso. Parallel to her role as a patron of the arts, she was directly involved in reviving the Aubusson tapestry tradition by collaborating closely with contemporary painters such as Picasso, Marcoussis, Léger and Lurçat.

Highly respectful of the craft, Braque knew that tapestry could not simply be reduced to fabric and color but that it possessed other essential qualities which the artist had to confront. In 1933, Marie Cuttoli and Braque worked on several striking tapestries based on his cartoons. The tapestries were later reproduced for the Metamorphoses series under the hands of two expert weavers: Robert Four, working within the Aubusson tradition; and Alain Aghaian, working in the tradition of the Gobelins weavers.

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